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If you’ve followed PCDaily for long, you’ll know that we have a special affection for Nepal and the ladies of the Samunnat project in Birtamod. Wendy Moore is there now, visiting and planning for the future which was surely shaken by Saturday’s earthquake. (She created these polymer sculptures.)

While Birtamod is 250 miles east of Kathmandu, the quake was definitely felt. The building that the polymer community helped fund still stands tall. Open fields around the building give the ladies a place to run to during continuing aftershocks. The country and many, many Nepalis are in great distress.

You’ll feel like you’re there as you follow Wendy’s first-hand accounts of this disaster on their Facebook page and blog. Your comments and thoughts are very meaningful to them. Please like and comment. It’s quite amazing to see how connected we are to our sisters a world away.

The donation button on their blog says Raise the Roof should you wish to help them. You can buy individual polymer beads at KazuriWest, their US distributor.

Because their Etsy shopkeeper (Wendy) is not at home in Australia, their finished jewelry is not available until she returns. For disaster relief, Wendy suggests giving to reputable organizations like the Red Cross. If you want a delightful snapshot of Nepali life, take some time to look through her After the Monsoon blog. Namaste.

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    This is Kopila. We have just had another earthquake which measured 6.5 on the Richter Scale. It is a very scary thing but I am not scared in my building. I had to go back after the earthquake today to get something we had forgotten but we were not scared because our building is alive and talking to me of the love and support and blessings of all the people who love us. Thank you all for reading this lovely blogpost Cynthia Didi has written. And thank you for every one who feels our pain and has sympathy. It helps. We will make some jewellery we will call Punarjanma which is the name of rebirth. We will sell it to raise money to give to our government’s Relief Fund. Dhanyabad.

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