Squires-Levine on PCDaily

Philadelphia’s Emily Squires Levine has moved from bowls to wall art and her Celestial Spring hides six constellations (the red dots) among a grid of openwork polymer panels.

The 16″ x 21″ composition of squares and rectangles is set on pins that project out at varying distances. The shifting sense of the piece is easier to understand from the angle below.

Squires-Levine on PCDaily

Even better, Emily’s friend and admitted art stalker, Veruschka Stevens, gives us an absolutely fascinating look at Emily in a lovely post on her blog. You get a devoted fan’s view of Emily’s work, her studio, her process.

Be careful, you’ll easily be sucked into Veruschka’s world of color and fashion as well. She set up a serious handmade, custom-designed fashion jewelry business several years ago. Her site quickly grabs you and you’re drawn in by her vivacity.

Veru post

The two artists share a love of color and a methodical approach to design and construction. Emily earned an MBA and spent 30 years in finance. Bolivian-born Veruschka worked as a software engineer and brings determination and an energetic style to all that she does.

But you’re probably already stalking these two yourself. Find Veruschka onĀ Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Flickr. Follow Emily on Facebook, Flickr and her site.

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