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Who uses silver tea sets these days? Alice Stroppel does. This set immediately sent her to Wonderland and she embellished the serving pieces with polymer characters from Lewis Caroll’s tales of Alice. Examine the pots closeup on her Flickr page. Here she is on Etsy and Facebook.

Syndee Holt took the pictures as she visited Alice’s shop/studio in Florida. Continue the tour on Syndee’s Facebook page. You’ll spy a silver pitcher in the front window that’s revived with polymer. Nothing escapes Alice’s talent for recycling.

  • reply Alice Stroppel ,

    Thank you so much Cynthia for featuring my tea set, a wonderful way to start the day!
    Silver is turning out to be a wonderful surface for polymer. People are actually giving me their silver, they don’t want it. I just need to find time to cover it all. I feel like I’ve headed down the rabbit hole, but there are certainly lots of interesting things to look at and do on the way down. There are still characters I want to add to this tea set, a WIP for sure.
    It was fun having Syndee here, we had a great time.

    • reply Fiona Abel-Smith ,

      Wonderful, made me smile, and that was just what I needed !! beautiful work as always Alice!! 🙂

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