The heart guy, Ron Lehocky, admitted that he was shocked and verklempt at the gift Julie Eakes presented him as we celebrated his having made 30,000 polymer heart pins to support the Kentucky Kids Center. Julie mounted heart cane slices on a 24″ x 28″ canvas to form a mosaic portrait.

Julie ran the photo of Ron through her mosaic software program to determine the basic design. She then made 9 heart canes in varying shades of pink, surrounding them with either black or white backgrounds. She baked the canes and sliced them while they were warm so as not to distort the squares. The mosaic required about 2,400 slices and Julie has the blisters to prove it.

What a fitting tribute to the guy who warms the hearts of so many. Here’s a recent video of Ron on local tv. See more of Julie’s work on her site and on Facebook.

  • reply Alice Stroppel ,

    Two of my favorite people. Nice people doing extraordinarily nice things. Kudos to you both.

    • reply Sue Gentry ,

      What a fabulous tribute Julie!! That’s an amazing piece! Definitely a well deserved tribute Ron! 30,000 hearts is an amazing accomplishment! Missing you two this week. Wish I was there to see this in person!

      • reply Melanie J Pierce ,

        My chin just hit the floor! What a “jaw dropping” moment! Thank you Julie for your gift to Ron and Ron…..well what can I say? You are such a gift to us all……I cannot wait to see this portrait!

        • reply Ginger Davis Allman ,

          My goodness…what an amazing tribute, and very fitting. So full of “heart”! I love that this community is so full of sharing and generosity!

          • reply Jennifer kaye ,

            What a Great way to give back! As a mosaic and polymer artist, Fun Fun!! BTW, I LOVE Polymer Daily and it is a refreshing peek un my day Cynthia!

            • reply Marilyn Davenport ,

              Two great friends and talented people.

              • reply Ronna ,

                Wow. What amazingly generous gift. Hats off to Julie and Ron for sharing the love. So much inspiration.

                • reply Jeff Dever ,

                  Julie you are an amazing artist, I’m in awe, and what a lovely tribute to a truly wonderful giving guy. Congratulations Ron on your landmark achievement, what a terrific way to celebrate your accomplishment. All my best to two stellar individuals in our extended polymer family.

                  • reply Chris Owens ,

                    So amazing … and well deserved. The Kids Center is not the only charitable endeavor Ron supports but it certainly is a light in the window to show what one person can do.

                    • reply dayle doroshow ,

                      This is just incredible Julie- Big congratulations and hugs to both you and Ron.

                      • reply Rebecca ,

                        My oh my… that is a big project, even for Julie! Congrats to Ron for his (latest) record and to Julie for her very fitting tribute!

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