While we’re focused on ways of working, I noticed that Emily Squires Levine accumulates her cane slices and in a designated scrap bowl and at the end of each studio session, she makes coasters from the day’s surplus.


Clay that isn’t used in the coaster collage is blended into backing to add thickness. What a good way to get rid of scraps regularly so that they don’t nag at you from an ugly  pile that clutters the studio.

See more of Emily’s studio here and on Flickr.

  • reply Claire Maunsell ,

    Great fun! I do something very similar to use my scraps and so would love to get my hands on some of those mythical mountains of scrap I’ve heard about! Some of the best ideas get worked out from the scrap heap! It’s a very liberating starting point….

    • reply Lee Mears ,

      Although I don’t work in clay, I LOVE this idea and am going to see if I can use it with collage paper scraps. I save so many little pieces and rarely use them.

      • reply Laura Lang ,

        Oooh, I love Emily’s scrap bowl. It is so different from mine, perhaps it the coordinated colors. I like her idea of repurposed scrap as well. Thanks for sharing

        • reply Hope ,

          li seu blog, adorei demais do seu blog! vi que o assunto muito
          bem escrito. Tenho um blog no mesmo ramo e gostaria de ver se você tem alguma
          dica para qquem está começando a postar arigos sobrre este tema.

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