There’s nothing like a deadline to focus attention. These 2 1/2″ diameter bowls are for a conference swap this summer. Thirty are required and the idea of making 30 of anything is daunting to those of us who happily flit from project to project.

By limiting myself to translucent shibori-like blues, I’m concentrating on patterns and shapes. Right now, they’re perched (not glued) on their bases for easy packaging and transporting. I’ll attach the mix-and-match bottoms on site.

These little delights feed my enthusiasm for small decorative items. With their varying pedestal heights and shapes, they create an intriguing grouping.

Repeating a new technique or design 30 times can be very instructive and before you know it, you have a body of work that veers off in a new direction.

You can see how I’ve been mulling over bowls for a while on my Pinterest board.

If you’re interested in learning more about adding touches of personal style to your home join my class at Maureen Carlson’s at the end of July. Have a super weekend!

  • reply Alice Stroppel ,

    Oh my, these are fantastic. Thanks a lot Cynthia.

    • reply Chris Kelsey ,

      Cynthia – wow! Love these! Making me rethink my weekend chores to allowing for some clay play instead. The singular lovely blue palate combined with the interesting patterns – terrific

      • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

        Okay…. these are amazing. Good on you.
        Inspiring too, I must try making bowls….

        • reply laurie prophater ,

          WOW!!! You certainly made the daunting project look like fun as well as instructive. Congratulations!!!

          • reply Debbie Goodrow ,

            Oh lovely. Keeping the limited color palette but diverse shapes has made them so interesting!

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