Leonini on PCDaily

Cecilia Leonini (of Italy’s ImpastArte) channels the spirit of Miro for today’s inspiration. “No transfers,” says Cecilia of this 26″ necklace of her flat drawings joined by copper rings.

She’s become adept at mixing alcohol inks, pens, pastels and other media with polymer to paint her small pieces of design.

Born and raised in the Tuscany area, Cecilia was trained in music and taught piano for many years until she discovered polymer.

Leonini on PCDaily

“For me the clay is the synthesis of all the arts that I love,” she says.

You can see how her work has evolved on her Flickr site and note her influences on Pinterest. You’ll find more on Facebook and Etsy.

  • reply Cecilia ,

    Thank you very much from my heart, Cynthia, this is the best and wonderful gift for me !! …and a great honor … thanks again!!!

    • reply staci louise ,

      These are beautiful! I love not only the broken abstract of the necklace shape, but the painting that is carried through it! wonderful pieces!

      • reply PiperPixie ,

        I love how different this is! Its kind of like a multi piece wall mural:) I’d like to break out of my everyday polymer routine and attempt something like this one day.

        • reply Debbie Goodrow ,

          I am SO drawn to these! Love them! The color, the style, the apparent less-than-perfectness of them. Fabulous.

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