Blooming barnacles

Fajardo on PCDaily

Barb Fajardo is from New Mexico, the dry southwest where they don’t have many barnacles but she’s smitten with them anyway and she’s making them bloom in polymer. Her organic clusters sprout into earrings and brooches. She groups and stacks and gathers them into all sorts of colorful formations.

Fajardo on PCDaily

Even if you can’t head to the seashore, you can encrust your neck with some ocean remnants.

See how Barb uses hers (she teaches a barnacle class) on Flickr, Pinterest, her site, and Facebook.

  • reply Barb ,

    I get such a charge out of being featured dear Cynthia!! It has been incredibly wet here and the monsoon season is just beginning. As a matter of fact as I was driving yesterday and looking east to the Sandias, I was thrilled with how green they look…amazing shadows and shades. So, in a nutshell….I blame the barnacles on the monsoon…and longing for a beach vacay 🙂 Hope to see you back in NM soon. Thank you soooo much!

    • reply LaLa ,

      I just love Barb’s work! The colors, textures and shapes are wonderful!

      • reply Judy Johnson ,

        The necklaces are very beautiful! What great creations.

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