Variations on a polymer theme

Otrzan on PCDaily

Short summer hair may have you looking for dramatic stud earrings and Croatia’s Nikolina Otrzan presents a whole series of deeply textured compositions. Dots of color lure your eye in for closer inspection.

They’re domed polymer circles of varying sizes sliced in half and set next to each other in various positions with small contrasting balls in the crevices. Her textures and colors are strong and varied.

It’s as if Nikolina is testing herself to see how many interesting variations she can imagine and she’s on a roll. See more of them in her Etsy shop and Pinterest. She shares some of her methods on CraftArtEdu. Does your signature design want to be expanded into a series?

  • reply Marlene Brady ,

    Love her use of rich textures and unique forms with the subtle color variations. Beautiful.

    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

      always love Orson’s World! She has such a great eye for design.

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