Digging up artists

Repsiene on PCDaily

Margarita Repsiene (from Lithuania now in Singapore) developed her own batik methods for the sea urchin earrings and on the fabric-like belt buckle on the right.

Batik is definitely on the rise again and this version bounced around the world and landed in my lap via Irena Lapasinskaite, Margarita’s friend.

You’ll find a whole bunch of intriguing items on her Flickr, Etsy, Pinterest and Facebook pages. I studied them and kept asking myself, “How is she doing that?”

Repsiene on PCDaily

If you dig up a polymer artist who rings your chimes or piques your curiosity, please send her/his name to PCD. You readers¬†are my eyes and ears in the crazy, huge¬†internet/social media world. I can’t possibly keep up on my own and I count on you. Thanks!

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    Glad she fell in your lap so you could share her with us! I also have a batik technique and imitation sea urchin so I too was intrigued. Love the organic feel of your patterns and color combinations, great work Margarita!

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