Gardens in polymer

Hahn on PCDaily

Tennessee’s Veronica Hahn spent summers working in the garden with her grandmother as a child. Those days had a big effect on Veronica and now she sculpts in polymer what she learned among the roses and at the pond’s edge.

Vines and flowers and ferns cover the shutters which open to reveal her Meadow Mirror at the right.

Her Feathers and Pinecones Bowl (below) is encrusted with leaves and branches. Here’s the side view of the bowl. Veronica’s polymer jewelry is covered with dense foliage as well.

Hahn on PCDaily

Thanks to Kathy Bradley for leading the way to Veronica’s site which doesn’t link to any social media and would have been difficult for me to find without help. The responses to yesterday’s request for links makes means I can back away from the computer, head for the studio and enjoy a mini summer vacation. This is great. Keep those links coming.

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    Hi I have just started making fairy houses with polymer clay. Just wanted to know if they are Frost proof. Many thanks.

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