Jayne Flanagan’s (nellsdottir) necklaces caught my eye and you’ll be surprised at who visited Nell’s booth in Sydney.

I’m on the road and weary so you’ll have to unravel this mystery yourself from Jayne’s Instagram page or from Facebook or Pinterest,  Her painted polymer pieces like these Squiggly beads have a strong and fashionable simplicity.

I have a few more hours of podcasts to enjoy as I drive across the midwest. More news from the road when I arrive at my destination tomorrow.

  • reply Nancy Gill ,

    What podcasts do you enjoy on your travels? I am always looking for new ones to listen to while I walk.

    • reply Wendy Moore ,

      Isn’t her work great? I discovered Jayne via Gen Williamson’s Instagram. Two wonderful artists. Travel safe dear Cynthia.

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