Giveaway and discounts from friends


You can count on polymer friends! The gang over at offered to distract you with a giveaway and a discount today. They know that dangling shiny tools and juicy books will keep you happy while I’m off traveling and teaching.

Their giveaway basket includes: A mini Swellegant Dealio, a Pretty Darn Nifty Tool, and Christi’s two new books about dogs and dragons. Leave a comment below or like the post on PCD’s Facebook and you’re automatically in the running to win. I’ll pick a winner on Wednesday.

In the meanwhile, you can shop Christi Friesen, Lisa Pavelka or ilove2craft and enjoy a 15% discount until 10/31/2015 by including the PCD2015 code.  Let’s hope our weekends are filled with lots of shiny distractions.

  • reply Jenean ,

    I smiled and my mouth watered when I read “dangling shiny tools and juicy books”. Thanks for the giveaway offer.

    • reply Zan C ,

      Wowsers! What a great giveaway. Fingers crossed that I am the lucky winner

      • reply Rondo Miller ,

        A giveaway AND my favorite artist? Sweeeeeet! Count me in!

        • reply Cheryl ,

          So excited! I love Christi’s stuff!

          • reply Andrea ,

            Awesome! Good luck everyone!

            • reply NJ ,

              Ohhhhhh How fun!? Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway!

              • reply Sherri ,

                Excited! Thank you!

                • reply Daisy Carpi ,

                  Thanks for the giveaway! I love!

                  • reply Carol ,

                    I love new books and tools

                    • reply Crystal Shepard ,

                      Looks likecacgreak giveaway. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

                      • reply Carole ,

                        What wonderful give away I would love to win this.

                        • reply Gloria ,

                          Great distraction 🙂

                          • reply Mike Pabst ,

                            Hello, I am so interested in the world of Polymer Clay and I very much appreciate all the fine work all of you have put into your art. I have read many, many books, watched video’s and worked, worked, worked to bring the quality of my own jewelry art up to meet with your quality and visual representation. Thank you so much. If I don’t win this one at least you know someone out there appreciates you. Best wishes to you and yours, Mike

                            • reply Patricia Chamberlain ,

                              WOW ! what a nice giveaway.

                              • reply Aims ,

                                Absolutely brilliant! What fantastic giveaways are these?!! Have used both creators multiple times and rely on them for their products on a regular basis!!

                                Swellegant – SWOON!! Shiny tools and Books?! – Drool……

                                Throw my name into the hat….please!

                                • reply Mona ,

                                  Talk about fun! What cool prizes to play with!

                                  • reply Charline Ahlgreen ,

                                    Anything from Christi and Lisa is always GOLD!!! Thanks for the possibility.

                                    • reply Nadya ,

                                      Thank you for chance! I will happy to win!

                                      • reply Maureen ,

                                        This is an excellent giveaway, thank you!

                                        • reply Janet Calardo ,

                                          Whoa what a great giveaway! Love Christi & Lisa’s products ! Christi’s class was the best class ever!!!

                                          • reply Donna Langgle ,

                                            What a deal!! Always ready for more ways to create. A day doesn’t go by without me challenging myself to create a new….”anything”.

                                            • reply Sandra ,

                                              Dangling shiny tools–how could anyone resist? Keeping my fingers crossed . . .

                                              • reply Bette's Bangles ,

                                                I could sure use some shiny stuff and tools or anything else too!
                                                Thanks for the give-a-way. Have a happy trip.

                                                • reply Vickki ,

                                                  Always looking for new ideas and new crafts to try. I love polymer clay!

                                                  • reply Chris Kapono ,

                                                    I love Swellegant!

                                                    • reply Linda Obrien ,

                                                      I love to play in clay. It also keeps u arthritic hands in better shape the physical therapy!

                                                      • reply Layne ,

                                                        I’m holding my breath, crossing my fingers, wishing on a star and saying a prayer. Please God let me be the winner.

                                                        • reply Sharon Case ,

                                                          Dogs & nifty tools are the things I love most

                                                          • reply susanne hegney ,

                                                            What a great giveaway!!!

                                                            • reply Christine Witton ,

                                                              Giveaways from two great PC artists. Got my fingers crossed downunder.

                                                              • reply Sheila Willert ,

                                                                Giveaway? I’m in!

                                                                • reply Nina ,

                                                                  Thanks for your generous give away. Enjoy the styles and talents of these teaching artists.

                                                                  • reply Sherry ,

                                                                    Me me me! (I’m not AT ALL greedy when it comes to new tools and supplies!!!)

                                                                    Very generous!

                                                                    • reply Kanani ,

                                                                      This long, hot summer is bummin’ me out! I need some NEW inspiration to melt my indifference! I promise to post what new goodies I will create!

                                                                      • reply Melitta Meneghel ,

                                                                        oh, brilliant! Thank you for such a fabulous giveaway!

                                                                        • reply Daphne Seaman ,

                                                                          I love the way you write! Your descriptions are so fun! I would love to win a polymer prize-I hope you draw my name!!!!

                                                                          • reply Brenda Grundt ,

                                                                            what a great idea for summer! Vacation time and crafting with kids – so much fun.

                                                                            • reply Martha ,

                                                                              I loaned my Christi dragon book to a friend and never got it back. Please throw my name in the hopper!

                                                                              • reply Tammy ,

                                                                                Polymer Clay Daily and Christi Friesen together, amazing! Then add a giveaway, oh my gosh, made my day! Thanksomuch!

                                                                                • reply Kit Lockwood ,

                                                                                  Throwing my name in the hat, too! Love that stuff!

                                                                                  • reply kerrita k. ,

                                                                                    what a lovely opportunity – thank you!

                                                                                    • reply Leanne Mae Trinidad ,

                                                                                      Great news! And I love books!

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