Psychedelic Monday

Stavrodou on PCDaily

These Greek trees by Arieta Stavrodou are quirky polymer drawings (wall art) that make you wonder what what the vegetation really looks like.

The effect is psychedelic and starts Monday on an energetic note. Do you detect a Hundertwasser influence?

Stavrodou on PCDaily

And would you guess that those colors are from pastels or inks? Arieta offers a smattering of work on Pinterest with the rest on Facebook.

Her fish, birds, butterflies and shells hint at an outdoorsy girl who lives close to the water. Let me know if you find more clues about this promising, young artist.

  • reply Bridget Downey ,

    Cynthia, thanks so much for mentioning Hundertwasser. He is totally new to me and I have become intoxicated by his color and primitive imagery.

    • reply JoAnne ,

      Quirky and Colorful! Love these.
      I hope this artist will start a Pinterest board of her polymer work. I would really love to see more.

      • reply Jeanne Dumond ,

        Looking at the color variations in each section I think she used pastels of some sort. The other pieces I could find on Facebook have the same variations in each color panel. But its just a guess. Very different style. I like it.

        • reply Nevenka Sabo ,

          They are gorgeous. It reminds me so much of my Nambi technique. I am not sure but I hope so. It would be such a nice twist from a jewelry tutorial that I offer.

          • reply Ioanna ,

            So Happy for my dearest Friend!!! I’m sure she has so much to create. Love her trees and fish but also her jewellery.

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