Psychedelic Monday

Stavrodou on PCDaily

These Greek trees by Arieta Stavrodou are quirky polymer drawings (wall art) that make you wonder what what the vegetation really looks like.

The effect is psychedelic and starts Monday on an energetic note. Do you detect a Hundertwasser influence?

Stavrodou on PCDaily

And would you guess that those colors are from pastels or inks? Arieta offers a smattering of work on Pinterest with the rest on Facebook.

Her fish, birds, butterflies and shells hint at an outdoorsy girl who lives close to the water. Let me know if you find more clues about this promising, young artist.

Monday monsters

Cormic_Isola on PCDaily

Caroline Cornic-Isola (KlickArt) was first featured on PCD only a couple of weeks ago and already she’s captivated us again, this time with monsters.

She offers some pictures of her process that involves drawing and texturing on raw clay then coloring with markers on fired clay.

The washers and nuts that she uses as accent beads on the robot pendant repeat the mechanical theme. 

Cormic-Isola on PCDaily

Caroline loves to draw and she’s just gotten started at drawing on polymer. You’ll want follow along on her Facebook page (that’s the only place I could find her) and see where she takes these monsters and the process.

Ink drawings on polymer

Cassidy on PCDaily

One look at Christina Cassidy’s profile photos on Facebook and you’ll understand why she draws horses so beautifully on polymer clay. She’s grown up with animals and is surrounded by them.

Cassidy on PCDaily

Though she no longer has horses, she owned and worked with them for many years and they remain her muse and the subject of most of her polymer art on Etsy.

Her etherial fine-lined ink drawings are modern Lascaux Cave paintings that capture the essence of the animals. “I love drawing small and drawing on polymer clay is wonderful, it’s so forgiving and inspiring,” she says.

This 1 7/8″ x 1 1/2″ Copper Paint Horse Trotting pin has a white polymer base. Chris drew on the baked form with India and copper inks adding light green and blue inks for the background. She seals her works with a protective finish. Here’s where we first discovered her.