Comfort zones, time zones

Germany’s Bettina Welker made these earrings in a Czech Republic class taught by Eva Haskova. You can see hints of each artist in these classroom experiments. Bettina says she moved out of her comfort zone as she tried Eva’s methods.

I’m moving out of my comfort zone and my time zone this weekend, traveling to Bali to take a class and meet up with polymer artists and learn some new ways of working. PCD will shift into sporadic travelogue mode for the next couple of weeks.

Kicking off a yearlong celebration of FIMO’s 50th year, manufacturer Staedtler unveiled the FIMO 50 World Project, a globe-shaped sculpture to be covered with polymer tiles as it moves from place to place, generating enthusiasm for clay and revenue for several philanthropic projects. Details and instructions are being written up and everyone will be invited to participate. Stay tuned for the project’s site where you’ll find complete information.

One more thing…Iris Mishly has devised one more way to push you out of your comfort zone with her newest series of classes that mix macrame and polymer. Take a look at INKredible Macrame.

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