Once upon a time polymer

Eakes on PCDaily

Julie Eakes finished this 4″ tile here at our California gathering. It’s Julie’s entry into the FIMO 50 World Project. These tiles will cover a globe-shaped sculpture to be covered with polymer tiles as it moves from place to place, generating enthusiasm for clay and revenue for several philanthropic projects. Check PCD’s earlier post about the project.

Julie’s tile says “Once upon a time” in several languages and contains one of her series of iconic fairy tale canes, this one her Beauty and the Beast. Click the image to properly examine all the exquisite details included by this expert caner.

See more on Julie’s site and on Facebook. I’ll report more about Julie’s work plus take a look at a very different look from Kim Korringa in tomorrow’s StudioMojo. You can sign up for the weekend in-depth look at familiar artists by signing up now.





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