Cross country polymer

Arden on PCDaily

It’s time for me to head for California. I tore a page from Kimberley Arden’s Facebook (way back in August) to illustrate my journey. Kim travels in much better style than I do. She has a ’66 Winnebago in her backyard.

The sweet little camper cane rested quietly before it was reduced and a pink flamingo completed her retro look.

Arden on PCDaily

I’ll be posting from motels this week as we drive cross country. I’ll divulge my destination when we arrive since it’s a new place for us. The studio’s packed and we’re off! We’ll see who we can snag along the way. Maybe Kimberley will show us what she made with these beauties.


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  • reply Lori Seubert ,

    Hi, Cynthia! I am a new visitor to your site and was delighted to see images of Kimberly Arden’s cane creations here. I am a big fan of Kimberly’s vibrant, quirky jewelry…and her!

    • reply kimberly arden ,

      Wow Cynthia! Thank you for featuring my canes today! What a fantastic surprise. Safe and happy trails as you cross the country!


      • reply Susan Sterling ,

        I need to be connected to this Kimberly Arden! I love her flamingo cane and need to place an order with her. I think that she is a very talented artist! I LOVE her work!

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