Once upon a time polymer

Eakes on PCDaily

Julie Eakes finished this 4″ tile here at our California gathering. It’s Julie’s entry into the FIMO 50 World Project. These tiles will cover a globe-shaped sculpture to be covered with polymer tiles as it moves from place to place, generating enthusiasm for clay and revenue for several philanthropic projects. Check PCD’s earlier post about the project.

Julie’s tile says “Once upon a time” in several languages and contains one of her series of iconic fairy tale canes, this one her Beauty and the Beast. Click the image to properly examine all the exquisite details included by this expert caner.

See more on Julie’s site and on Facebook. I’ll report more about Julie’s work plus take a look at a very different look from Kim Korringa in tomorrow’s StudioMojo. You can sign up for the weekend in-depth look at familiar artists by signing up now.





Polymer garden on a bottle

Carman on PCDaily

Florida’s Pamela Carman covers an 18″ tall vase with a garden of polymer flowers. She upcycles the container by applying a base layer of solid-color polymer that she textures. Over that she adds slices of canes (she must have a large stash) letting the blue background show through and unify the design.

Containers, vessels, ceramic fish and animals call to Pamela and you can see the hundreds of objects she’s rescued by covering them with updated colors and her own vision. You’ll find them all on Flickr and HiveMind plus Pinterest.

Polymer skeptics

Wallis tutorial samples on PCDaily

Really? Simply offsetting a Skinner blend could result in this? Our little group couldn’t quite believe Claire Wallis’ tutorial in the latest issue of ArtJewelry magazine (it’s a particularly good issue for polymer folks). We had to try it. One person read the instructions while the rest of us followed along with clay. And yes, we all sort of screwed up the first time but that didn’t stop us.

Doroshow on PCDaily

Here’s Meisha Barbee’s (red) sample, plus mine (blue), Dayle Doroshow’s (bottom left) and Julie Eakes (bottom right).

We proved  that Claire Wallis was correct. Once we got it, we could not leave the concept alone and you’ll see Dayle’s results at the right and Meisha’s earrings here.

Hanging polymer history


What a treat to have dinner at the home that Dayle Doroshow and her husband built in northern California. Art is everywhere and guests are surrounded by their strong palette and distinctive aesthetic.

History hangs on the walls. Can you name the artists responsible for these mostly polymer pendants? It’s a display of some of Dayle’s favorites that she made and traded for over the years.


Can you spot the two collaborations between Sarah Shriver and Dayle? Maybe you’ll find the early pieces by Kathleen Dustin, Carol Simmons, Cynthia Toops. There are several of Dayle’s own pieces in the group plus pieces by Christopher Knoppel and Liz Tamayo. Do you hang your stories and your treasures on the wall where they can bring you constant pleasure?

Cones of creativity

Girodon on PCDaily

 France’s Sonya Girodon has had quite a time coming up with versions of these Ray of Sunshine cone-shaped earrings. This series has a crackle finished base with polka dot embellishment topped with flat disks. The square earwires make a geometric counterpoint. See her variations on this theme on her Flickr and Facebook pages.

How does she keep churning out variations on her latest theme? It has to do with letting go as she explains, “What a feeling when the brain shuts down and inspiration overflows into the fingers, hours fly by in seconds, and wonder is created out of nothing.”

Is this your week to loosen up and create wonder?

Home on the range

Farrand on PCDaily

Miranda Farrand (MirrandasCritters) sculpts some great Halloween characters offered on Etsy. But it was her cattle skulls that fit right in with my worldview today.

I’m in Utah in a ski area. Finding two polymer artists in the shops here with big sculptures made me feel like I’d hit the jackpot. I’ll explain more in tomorrow’s StudioMojo.

Back to Miranda. Odd thing is that she’s from my hometown. Sometimes you have to leave home to appreciate what’s there! See more of her clever jolly monsters on Facebook



Carp diem


Melissa Terlizzi’s latest polymer reminds us to seize today. The piece is actually entitled Feeding Time at the Koi Pond.

Convincing translucent splashes of water and fins flip over the edges of the crowded frame. Trompe l’oeil koi? Here’s more Melissa on Facebook.

The fish caught my attention because today I’m feeling like a fish out of water as we hit Wyoming. What do I know about cattle and boots and cowboys?  Oh well, carpe diem!


Greetings from Frank

Berryman on PCDaily

Janell Berryman’s Frank reminds us of what October still has in store for us. She has a line of monsters, ghouls and gremlins available in her Etsy PumpkinSeeds shop. Janell specializes in simple sculpted designs with skinny legs and impish expressions. Zoom in to see the colors and texture she builds into her pieces.

I thought my trip to the tropics meant I’d have to forego fall colors  But the weather cooperated and I’m getting to catch some autumn glory on my cross country ride. A truckload of pumpkins whizzed by in traffic today. I hope they’re headed your way.

Cross country polymer

Arden on PCDaily

It’s time for me to head for California. I tore a page from Kimberley Arden’s Facebook (way back in August) to illustrate my journey. Kim travels in much better style than I do. She has a ’66 Winnebago in her backyard.

The sweet little camper cane rested quietly before it was reduced and a pink flamingo completed her retro look.

Arden on PCDaily

I’ll be posting from motels this week as we drive cross country. I’ll divulge my destination when we arrive since it’s a new place for us. The studio’s packed and we’re off! We’ll see who we can snag along the way. Maybe Kimberley will show us what she made with these beauties.