You visited PCDaily more than a million times last year! The statistics say that you love hollow polymer pieces and are hungry for hints about how to make them. Here are some of your favorites. Kim Arden’s summer canes topped the charts two years in a row!

Ever wondered who was reading along with you each day? Enjoy the fireworks on this annual report. PCD readers come from 183 countries with the US in front. France and the UK are right behind.

You can search through more than 2,500 posts and keep yourself entertained and educated. We’ve come a long way together in 10 years. Here’s wishing us all a fabulous and creative 2016!
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  • reply Ann Dillon ,

    Thank you, Cynthia, for all you do for all of us! <3

    • reply Lorraine ,

      Thank you, Cynthia, for being a champion of polymer clay artists around the world. We appreciate you! Happy New Year!

      • reply Alice Stroppel ,

        Have to start the year off with a comment! This is THE place we go everyday to see who, what and how is happening in our PC world. Thank you Cynthia, a cuppa coffe and PCD starts my day and of course Studio MoJo is my weekend go to.

        • reply Fiona Abel-Smith ,

          Fantastic, and thank you so much Cynthia for PCD, always a bright spot in my day and a huge inspiration.

          • reply Laurie Mika ,

            Illuminating and interesting post on this first day of the year….and while I don’t comment often, I always look forward to PCD as part of my morning mail read! Thanks for all of your efforts throughout the year to highlight trends and spotlight artists in this medium that we all adore! You rock! Happy New Year!

            • reply Lisa Clarke ,

              My immersion in Polymer Clay ebbs and flows these days, but I always end up back here ? Happy New Year!

              • reply Lisa Clarke ,

                That ? should have been a smiley face. There’s no question I come back here!

                • reply Deborah Francis ,

                  Thank you for your consistently inspiring posts.You provide a bright spot in my day. Living on rural Whidbey Island I feel somewhat isolated. You help me and so many others stay connected with the polymer community. Much gratitude!

                  • reply Jackie ,

                    You are a connector unparalleled! How amazing to daily be inspired by what you bring to us through both Polymer Clay Daily and Studio Mojo. I feel like I know so many stellar polymer artists that you have introduced us through their work as well as your insightful descriptions that evidences a sense of their person.

                    Thank you Cynthia for enriching me personally in the cosmic world of polymer clay, but more importantly, thank you for the time, talent, encouragement and heart you
                    generously share with the those in
                    the “gated community”. May 2016 be one adventure after another! Namaste.

                    • reply Laura Lang ,

                      Thank you for 10 years of innovative and informative PCD posts! I have enjoyed following the of journey of the women of Samunnat as well as story of Ron Lehocky’s PC hearts for the kids center, such inspiration. Your posts help us PC artists all feel connected somehow. Thank you.

                      • reply Crystal Carpenter ,

                        The annual report was fantastic! Thank you. Great to see the stats. I know I was one of the people who visited and loved the stories that were tops. Happy new year everyone. May 2016 bring creativity to one and all.

                        • reply Julie ,

                          Reading your PCD post each weekday (and Studio Mojo on Saturday) are morning rituals for me. No better way to start the day than with a hit of creativity, and I join all of your fans with sending my thanks for all of your efforts. May 2016 be a stellar one for you!

                          • reply Susan M. Sterling ,

                            Kimberly Arden is a very talented polymer clay jewelry artist! I love her work and she is a very special lady as well.

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