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The monsters of 2016 have raised their ugly heads already. But these monsters from Quebec’s Hermine Robi are full of hope.

For years, Hermine has set aside her scraps and cane ends to cover the small glass vials given to cancer patients who place their wishes and dreams inside these inspiring Bottles of Hope


Hermine has covered the empty bottles for so many years that she settles on an annual theme to focus her designs. Her monsters seem both ferocious and silly, perfect for helping patients look forward with a smile.

Using polymer for good like Bottles of Hope and Beads of Courage (check out their Instagram pix) often has the side benefit of unleashing creativity you may not have tapped into before. The bottles and beads that our local guild collected were infused with energy and caring. Do you have a plan for your scrap this year?

Stay away from Hermine’s Pinterest page unless you’ve got a chunk of time! I got lost in her color board.



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    Thank you for showing my monsters. Never thought they would land on your blog that I follow since the beginning.

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