Girodon on PCDaily

Dreamy isn’t a word used often when describing polymer but Sonya Girodon’s pieces evoke that. This pendant is floating, misty with moody colors intersected by vibrating lines.

Sonya’s been so prolific lately that it’s hard to choose something to feature. Just when you think you’ve got her style pegged, she turns a corner and creates a new look.

Her Pinterest tagline gives us a clue. “Eternal dreamer! Dreaming of the perfect world. Dreaming of creating touchable dreams in polymer clay,” it says.

She’s been mysterious and organic and edgy. Now she’s back to graphic. She’s mixing her media, adding tribal sculpted polymer heads onto a dramatically painted canvas. Where will she head next? Monitor her progress on Facebook.

  • reply Kristie Foss ,

    Wow! I love the shapes, the techniques she uses and combines, the colors and tones, the designs…. I think most of all I love her imagination! Amazing.

  • reply Sonya Girodon ,

    Thank you, Cynthia, for featuring my work, and for showing us day after day the work of so many artists we don’t know. I appreciate the effort you put into your research every day!

    • reply Lucine ,

      She has a lot of great stuff on her Flickr site, thanks for the link.

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