Maunsell on PCDaily

Jewel-like scrap hearts from Quebec’s Claire Maunsell get us in the proper holiday mood. What mementos and love tokens will you make this week?

Claire says she’ll soon offer a tutorial about the way she uses her scrap to get the dramatic effects you see here.

Maunsell on PCDaily

In the meanwhile, you can learn about her methods of using Pan pastels, inks, paints and some unusual tools with translucent Pardo clay on her new Craftcast class.

Watch how she teases the clay into shape (she was a glass artist before polymer), and applies layers and layers of texture and color until she’s pleased with the effect.

I learned a new way to anchor the probe on the thermometer. It’s often the little tricks you learn in a class that come in most handy. See more of Claire on Flickr, her site, Facebook and in her online Zibbet and Etsy galleries.


  • reply Line ,

    I have 3 of her hearts. I love them and always get compliments on them.

    • reply Jan Manning ,

      How and why does one use a probe in PC?

      • reply Cynthia ,

        Jan, good question. Some ovens spike temperature so I use a thermometer that sits on top of the oven and beeps like crazy when the temp goes over what was set. I could never figure out how to position the probe and Claire’s solution was brilliant. Here’s the one I use:

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