This won’t be an all-hearts week but how could we pass up these carved white Ultra Light pendants from Indiana’s Ponsawan Sila?

She has nicked horizontally across the surfaces by hand for an almost basket weave appearance.

Ponsawan may not be finished but the long narrow hearts seem pure and remarkable just as they are. You’ll have to visit her on Facebook or Flickr to find out what happens next.

Ponsawan doesn’t toot her own horn but you’ll see lots of her work and tutorials pinned on Pinterest. She’ll be teaching at French Lick (so will I) in June.

  • reply Ponsawan ,

    Thank you, Cynthia.

    • reply Kimberly Arden ,

      Ponsawan continues to amaze me with her artistic abilities, her fearless experimentation with techniques, color and design AND her amazing work ethic! I love this piece, I love her art work and I love HER!

      • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

        I love her work and adore her. We’ve met at several retreats. I am thinking of attending the Indiana retreat. Need to see what is being taught first.

        • reply Ron Lehocky ,

          I love her work, I love her artisanship, I love her inspiration and I love having her as a friend and retreat mate. And I love that you, Cynthia, will there with Ponsawn at the French Lick Retreat. I will be there and I know (as always) I will come home with new ideas and skills. May have to get me some of that Ultralight!!! Thanks Ponswan for always being such a sharing soul.

          • reply Ponsawan ,

            Thank you, Kimberly, Lorrene, and Ron. It means a lot to me.

            • reply Sandra ,

              Love it the carving is amazing and the color is perfect for angelical heart.

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