The heart of the matter

Hoffman on PCDaily

This heart from Minnesota’s Mallory Hoffman is the one I’m sending out to each of you to enjoy this Valentine’s day. You are loved. There’s no better message.

Mallory’s almost childlike construction makes the words more powerful and sincere.  She sent her heart photos to PCD and this one on her Etsy gallery jumped out at me.

In addition, here’s a gallery of other hearts that I snagged as they floated by online this month. I wish I could have caught every single one. Look at the diversity, the artistry and soak up the love. Happy Valentines Day.

  • reply Christine Damm ,

    Thanks for showcasing my work, Cynthia! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • reply Aims ,

      What an incredible variety! Makes my own heart smile!

      • reply Chifonie ,

        My little “cats in Love” feel so happy to be featured in your Valentine’s gallery today , thank you Cynthia!

        • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

          Thanks Cynthia for the call for hearts. I am honored you chose to show mine too.

          • reply Orly Fuchs Galchen ,

            Oh my… twice a month? I’m a luck girl! Thank you Cynthia,

            • reply Debbie Beechy ,

              Happy Valentines Day everyone!

              • reply Priscilla ,

                Truly hearts as art. But scrolling down and seeing Ron’s hearts is what made me smile.

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