Polymer imitates enamel

Myrusso on PCDaily

Valeria Myrusso from St. Petersburg fools the eye with her Art Nouveau polymer jewelry. Her work easily passes for enamel or porcelain as shown by the Jardin de Mémoires and Porcelain Chrysanthemums here.

Myrusso on PCDaily

Valeria uses pastels and paints along with stones, pearls and metals to achieve her alchemy. Look closely on her website, Instagram, her Russian site and Facebook to get the full impact of her works.

A shout out to Lisa Hutton who spotted these works and sent the link to PCD.

  • reply Moyra Riley ,

    Wow does it ever look like enamel. Well done!

    • reply monica ,

      We are friend in Fb and I absolutely love her works.I look at her as a teacher.Gorgeous works!

      • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

        Incredible post. I am not worthy, I am not worthy.
        Thanks… it is always exciting to see artists push the envelope with our medium.

        • reply joanne meller ,

          Amazingly beautiful! I would love to learn more about this artist and her process. Also, where is her work offered for sale?

          • reply Ahuva Rosen ,

            Can I take lessons from you?

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