Clay day at the beach


Since I’m going to the beach next week, I found myself gravitating to all things sunny and warm. Rather than fight the urge, I headed to Deb Groover’s (Debortina) Florida site where I knew I’d find what I was looking for.

Deb and Tina’s big clay paintings are filled with bright slabs of polymer. Here the umbrellas, surf boards, beach chairs and bathing suits (plus a few dogs, balls and towels) are flat pieces of pre-baked polymer affixed to a wood background and painted around. (She explains how on this StudioMojo video.)

Deb and Tina hop-scotch between art shows in the south, next week in Tallahassee. On Facebook you can see how their clients love to integrate the paintings into their homes.

This is also my way of letting you know that I’ll try to write some posts but delivery may be sporadic.

  • reply Line ,

    I loved the video. Thank you so much.

    • reply Barbara A. McGuire ,

      I am in love with this work. The graphics are something that really resonate with me, I think because it is so foreign to my own style. It is continually fresh. Thanks ladies for sharing your wonderful images.

      • reply Joan Clipp ,

        I love their work! First saw it in person not realizing it was polymer clay, beautiful!

        • reply Tammy ,

          Beautiful use of the clay.

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