Unbalanced teaching

Peraud on PCdaily

France’s Sylvie Peraud will be crossing the pond in June to teach her Unbalanced Necklace (shown here) and her Denim tricks at the Creative Arts Fest: Master Class Camp in Laurel, MD June 17-20.

I couldn’t resist that headline. Thought it might get your attention.

Sylvie likes dramatically balanced/unbalanced and cleverly constructed pieces. She’s already worked on rounds and squares and her almost triangular necklace was the next logical step. It’s completely made of polymer and the clasp is cleverly camouflaged.

Here are the registration details and the list of classes (an impressive line-up). Find out more about Sylvie on Facebook, Flickr and CraftArtEdu.

  • reply Maniguette ,

    Thank you Cynthia, it’s an honor for me to be teaching in the US and to have my work featured here. I will be in so very good company to teach…very impatient to be there!

    • reply Sandra ,

      I like the tear drop the color looks like volcano fire.

      • reply Sandra niese ,

        Thanks for the mention! Such a nice surprise! This makes my day 🙂 Sandra Niese

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