The post I meant to show today is back at home and I’m on the road to my first conference of the season so today I’ll serve up my own work.

My intention is to inlay larger areas of pattern into the wood pieces turned by my husband. This vase is made of spalted maple.

The polymer diamond shapes  were cut from my stash of scrap canes.

Funny how even scrap takes on an artist’s style. There’s no escaping it so you might as well feature it. You can see more of my recent work on Instagram or my website. I’ll be teaching my inlay methods at the French Lick Atelier in June in Indiana.

  • reply Linda ,

    I absolutely love this….even your scraps are terrific!

    • reply Karen Brueggemann ,

      Cynthia, the combination of your clay designs on the turned wood vase are striking. I hav a question as to if you bake the clay on the vase or attach the baked clay afterwards? I have tried baking clay on wood and invariably, it would end up cracking.

      • reply Barbara Briggs ,

        Cynthia, I love the collaborative works you and your husband create! The polymer clay marries with the wood beautifully!

        • reply jana r.b. ,

          Your polymer work combined with wood is so artfully done, and beautifully highlights the wonders of scrap clay. I just love it. In fact, your work inspired me to ask my woodworker son to collaborate with me on some wall sculpture pieces. I may be coming to you for advice :).

          Thanks for showing your work…I always love it when you do. Have a wonderful week, and share my love with all..

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