Anderson/Lehocky on PCDaily

Scrap from Jon Anderson’s studio in Bali made its way to Ron Lehocky’s workroom in Louisville.

Through all sorts of serendipitous connections and with a great deal of fun and intrigue, Jon’s polymer scrap is raising hundreds of dollars for the Kids Project in Kentucky.

Lehocky on PCDaily

You can see pictures of more of Ron’s results by clicking on the image.

He nearly discarded Jon’s canes that had welded themselves together in transit. What are you doing with your scrap? Are you overlooking treasures?

There’s more to the story! Jon is sending another batch of what he calls polymer cheese (more securely packaged this time) when Barb Alexander’s tour arrives in Bali soon.

  • reply Kristie Foss ,

    How true it is that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure – though I do find it hard to consider Jon’s caning scraps as “trash.” Just look at the treasure Ron has uncovered! I love Ron’s hearts and I’m so impressed at what he found as he dug in, looking for what might be hidden within. Wonderful hearts, as always, Ron, and so very creative. Your project is so special. Thanks for bringing this to us, Cynthia. The best to both of you!

    • reply Martha Aleo ,

      What a wonderful collaboration!!! Kudos to you all!

      • reply Fiona Abel-Smith ,

        Wow, beautiful, I can’t wait to see the next batch of hearts from Jon’s ‘scraps’ . Fantastic job both.

        • reply Linda Hess ,

          WOW! Gorgeous as always. So fun to see the “beginning” and the end product 🙂

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