PCD posts will range from sporadic to non-existent this week as we delight in the riches of EuroSynergy2 in Bordeaux, France. Please check back in from time to time. We are re-energizing.

  • reply Gerri ,

    Please enjoy yourself!! I am very envious!
    Gerri McCullough

    • reply Ann Davis ,

      Have fun!

      • reply Cassie ,

        Have a great time! Thanks all the wonderful posts that you do. I love your site and look forward to when you get back to posting. That being said, take your time and have a great trip!

        • reply Ann Larsen ,

          I always look forward to new PCDaily posts, but right now I’m sorry to not be in Bordeaux to see polymer friends and make new ones. Just couldn’t get away from the museum this time of year.

          • reply PiperPixie ,

            Re-energize away! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us after your France trip. (????)

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