Challenging polymer forms

Dettai on PCDaily

The Challenge exercises tackled by participants at EuroSynergy in Bordeaux netted some of the most exciting developments at the 2016 conference.

French scientist/artist Agnes Dettai shares her exciting 3D challenge research in a post that may  mystify you. Using water soluble clay (PlayDoh) as a resist and limiting herself to one bake, she creates polymer forms that look impossible to construct.

Working with hollow forms and negative spaces has long intrigued her. Examine her results on Flickr.  Agnes asks only that you share your further 3D exploits and discoveries with her.

Dettai on PCDaily

Here are some of her pod form ready for a 2-hour baking. Once cured, the water soluble parts (purple) are washed away. Read about Agnes’ successes and failures along the way and add your own ideas to the challenge.

  • reply Lori Coleman ,

    How great is it, in this day & age of violence, to read about someone’s adventures in art? Thank you, PCD (aka Cynthia Tinapple) for bringing a spot of joy and light to my world! And congrats Agnes Dettai, for such wonderful hollow forms! Looking forward to trying my own…

    • reply Jan Montarsi ,

      This is great !! Enjoyed the blog post too !!

      • reply PiperPixie ,

        I agree with Lori! Thanks for this:) Looks like wild, rare fruit!

        • reply Christine Dumont ,

          I’m so pleased to see Agnes’ work being recognised. Thank you Cynthia!

          • reply Dakotah ,

            Really enjoyed this as it started my wheels turning!

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