Layers of complexity

Corbin on PCDaily

Kathryn Corbin’s pieces in the sales gallery at EuroSynergy had usual touches  – epoxy sculpted findings (for strength), tube beads with windows, heavily textured beads made of white polymer and colored only with pastels and crayons. Her pieces have a mysterious depth and complexity.

The tube beads are rolled (not extruded) to emphasize their handmade quality. The window in the larger diameter tube reveals another bead underneath (click to see the details on the blue beads below).  Recently Kathryn added a gauzy nude portrait brooch (pastel again) that floats on a sharp geometric base.

Corbin on PCDaily

It was great fun to pal around with Kathryn who’s from Massachusetts and speaks French. She’s not very flashy online. You have to prowl around in Facebook to discover her treasures.

  • reply PiperPixie ,

    I’m really loving the primitive textures in play here. I LOVE that the beads are handmade and not rolled, you can tell each one varies in size a little bit. Lovely!

    • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

      Kathy’s art shows the delightful interplay of her expertise in all things art, her love of primitive art, her great understanding of color and her own artistic explorations. Looking forward to see what else emerges as her explorations continue.

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