Wilbanks on PCDaily

Washington silversmith Sarah Wilbanks says that the jewelry in her current show contains the most polymer she’s ever used in her pieces. The backs of the silver bezels on her necklace of pods are as interesting as the polymer fronts.

Two other features kept me prowling through her Etsy, Facebook, and Pinterest pages — her series of carved translucent pieces (she documents her process in photos) and the title of her current show at Water Works Gallery in the San Juan Islands.

Called Mentoring as Art, the show highlights the artists who have studied in Micki Lipp’s studio over 27 years. It explores the role of mentor and mentee in the hopes of creating a new generation of mentors. What a smart idea!

  • reply Sarah Wilbanks ,

    Thank you for the feature, Cynthia! I love PCD!

    • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

      I so love this work. Love the evolving of her work. Thanks again for the great posts.
      Micki was my roomie at my first SNAG conference in S.F. She was just as talented and sweet then as she is now. Thanks for promoting her.

      • reply J Lee ,

        dear Sara , hello of all of the classes and students you are the one that I enjoyed the most I have thought of you many times love to you from Jlee the artist formally know as Jeni smith Iwould love to hear from you lots of success on your current show.

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