Greenberg on PCDaily

Donna Greenberg shows us Blue Bird Biscuit choker, her version of twisted and sculpted polymer on a cord.

Donna includes work-in-progress photos that give you insight into her thinking for this series of organic, flowing shapes. More complex versions link with one another to form chains.

Donna and Christine Dumont and Ronna Sarvas Weltman offer a series of 5-week online creative design courses to enhance each student’s design skills and bring vitality and impact to the work while exploring what it takes to develop their own distinctive series.

The classes start in September. Read all about the courses here.

  • reply Liz Hall ,

    Donna is so creative and I love watching all her works unfold. She is one busy bee and I envy her work ethic, I wish I was half as productive!

  • reply Donna Greenberg ,

    Thank you Cynthia! What a terrific surprise to see my little Blue Bird on the site today. And many thanks for the shout out about the Creative Design course with Christine Dumont on Voila.

    • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

      Hi all. Need to clarify: I chatted with Christine about my art, and wholeheartedly recommend this course since I’ve seen the fabulous results others have gotten from their courses with Christine, but I have nothing to do with the design or implementation of this course. They will be quoting artists throughout, and I just happen to be the first artist quoted. And Donna — love the choker!!!

      • reply Christine Dumont ,

        Ronna, it was a delight to interview you and I’m thrilled you are the first featured artist in the Creative Design programme. Your creativity examplifies the type of insight Donna and I want to promote on Voila!. Your clarifying post is much appreciated. It’s a joy to see Donna’s choker featured on PCD today and the praise is much deserved.

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