Mixing polymer digitally

Burgess on PCDaily

The UK’s Jon Burgess brings his computer drawings to polymer in the ways that don’t have the usual hard-edge digital transfer look.

He’s working on ways to camouflage the seams on round and tube beads and hints that he’s working on a tutorial.


If you’re not in love with your phone’s camera and editing software and printing, you may not share Jon’s enthusiasm (and mine). To us the mash-up of polymer and computers looks like a big unexplored territory with lots of possibility.

See Jon’s very personal way of mixing media on Etsy, Facebook and his blog.

  • reply genevieve williamson ,

    I’ve admired Jon’s beads for quite some time. They
    look like they’ve come from some archeological dig…and I absolutely mean that as a compliment

    • reply Aims ,

      I’ve been following Jon’s blog for quite a while now – even patiently waiting for another post during his move! I was more than delighted when these came out of that wait!! Jon’s work is absolutely incredible and totally inspiring!! Thank you for featuring his work. He really deserves recognition!

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