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The fine layers in this pendant from Switzerland’s Enkhe Tserenbadam make it look like a sculpted glacier. Bits of silver leaf accent the thin striations.

Enkhe grew up in Mongolia and these forms seem so personal and intuitive that it makes you wonder if she saw them as a child.

The fine ball chain is baked into the polymer, a good solution for this pendant. Enkhe shows a burst of new jewelry and vessels on Facebook and Flickr.

The beauty of her many layers may prompt you to go thinner and thinner with your next piece to see what happens.

Right and wrong

Enkhe clarified that the shapes really do relate to her childhood, in fact they were medicinal. Read her comment below. But there is no metal leaf in her piece.

  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

    I’ve been following Enkhe’s work since I first stumbled into polymer and have always been amazed by it–she posts so little of her work that it’s always a rare treat to see it.

    • reply Enkhe ,

      Thank you Cynthya for this feature! It means a lot to me! I am really appreciated! And thank you very much Randee for such nice words!
      I need to clarify some things. Yes, the piece is inspired by a mineral that we find only in western part of Mongolia. It is a kind of salt. We use it a lot to heal some illnesses in there. I licked a lot to heal my throat ache when I was a child. It helped a lot.
      But there’s no silver leaf bits in this piece. I used Pardo translucent clay. When it is sanded it looks like this. The edge of the pieces are rather rough, as I love.

      • reply Enkhe ,

        Sorry for misspelling your name. And now I realise I use a lot a lot. 😀

        • reply Silvana Bates ,

          Beautiful work, stunning:)

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