Encased in polymer

Fischer-Katz on PCDaily

Perhaps you can identify with Edith Fischer-Katz’ (Zoota) sculpture titled Hide this Monday morning.

The small figure is encased in a polymer imitation knitted suit with a zipper up her back. It’s part of a series of mostly nude figures covered with flowers, moss, stitches or knitted embellishments.

Edith’s figures have previously been very representational and this series on Flickr seems to move in a different, more pensive direction that will be interesting to watch. You’ll also find her on Facebook and her website.

No need to hide. Let’s get this week started!

  • reply Edith Fischer Katz ,

    Wow! What a pleasant surprise to find my work in this post! Thank you so much.
    I would just like to clarify what is going on in the different links, since there might be confusion between my students work and my own. The facebook link is actually only to students work (named studio zoota). My personal work can be seen on a facebook page with my name: Edith Fischer-Katz. The flicker has some of both, lately more my own work. The website is again the studio’s site – mainly supposed to speak to the local students.

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