Spontaneous polymer

Ortiz on PCDaily

Look at the scratches and scribbles on LaLa Ortiz’ beads. She digs right in and gets to work.

While we sit here thinking about what materials she used, she’s carved (maybe…and/or drawn) with abandon. Energy and spontaneity make these beads interesting.

LaLa picked up the technique for these big hollow beads at Sandy Camp. There’s more on Instagram and Facebook.

It’s Monday. Let’s not think too much and dive in.


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    • reply LaLa` ,

      I made forms with scrap clay covered in foil, made hollow pieces with white Kato over more scrap and after the heat cure I colored with Caran d’ Ache Neocolor water soluble pastels. Then I scratched with a needle tool.

      • reply Ashley Fennell ,

        LaLa your famous!!! I’m glad I create with you at Sandy Camp late into the night/morning. We sure had some late ones didn’t we?

        • reply LaLa` ,

          Ashley, LOL! Almost famous! 😀

          Is 7 am late or early! I don’t know how you made it to work every day! You’re a trooper!

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