Light leafed earrings

Peaches and Keen on PCDaily

I don’t know about you, but I could use a break from the snow and the red and green holiday frenzy. It’s warmer more laid back in Melbourne, AU, where Peaches and Keen make their graphic, translucent, gold-leafed earrings.

Peaches and Keen on PCDaily

I’m not even sure that their thin “plastic” earrings are made from polymer. But they could/should/might be and that’s good enough for me today.

If you need a jolt of color and a hit of crisp design, stroll through their Instagram, Facebook, and website.

  • reply Carrie Harvey ,

    They look quite like shrink plastic, don’t they. Very pretty.

    • reply Jan Montarsi ,

      they could easily be done in polymer if they aren’t , Links are not working

      • reply Aviva ,

        • reply Sandra ,

          The colors are tranquillity make me relax

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