Dashing through the snow

Lehocky/Dwyer on PCDaily

Jayne Dwyer and Ron Lehocky collaborated on these dashing reindeer. Jayne’s a caning whiz and Ron’s a talented scavenger who turns lowly scraps from other artists (Jayne’s cane ends in this example) into high art with a purpose.

So even if you’re dashing today, take a moment to appreciate the little things, small blessings and serendipitous collaborations.

Ron shared an animation on Facebook that says it all, “Have a heart, pass it on.” For Ron, making hearts has become meditative. Watch him do it here.

See more of Jayne’s canes here.

  • reply Ron Lehocky ,

    Thanks for the recognition. Jayne was so generous to send her “remnants” to me. She is so gifted in both her designs and craftsmanship. I appreciate all the details in that cane such as the snowflakes in the body of the deer as well as her excellent shading. Holiday time has been busy. I am nearing the 37,000 mark. Happy holidays to you and all you followers.

    • reply Barbara Sosna ,

      A very merry holiday heart!

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