Marching as one in polymer

Rachelle from our polymer classes at the Ohio Reformatory for Women made the We March Together pins for Jackie Burns and me.

Faces were the subject of last month’s class and Rachelle has been making face canes ever since. Mine is has orange/blonde streaked hair and Jackie’s hair is white.

Thornton on

Their brooches certainly remind us that we march together in support of all women’s issues.

Then Pennsylvania’s Andrew Thornton put a pink hat on his baby dragon to show his support for the marchers. He explains the details of his process on his blog. Off to march with a wild cast of characters.

  • reply Deborah Francis ,

    We are with you in spirit.

    • reply Aims ,

      Fantastic that you would post this today! I’m with the march!!

      • reply LaLa Ortiz ,

        Thank you for this post! I am marching! <3

        • reply Kit Lockwood ,

          Thank you for marching. My partner and I, who can’t handle the walking easily, appreciate those who march, and we are with you in spirit. Yay!

          • reply Andrew Thornton ,

            Thank you so much for featuring my baby dragon! It means so much to me. THANK YOU! Making this piece really held a lot of significance and I’m so happy that I was able to do it.

            • reply Leslie blackford ,

              ???I post so much. They did such a great job on those pins.

              • reply Leslie blackford ,

                Sorry, my last post , I did not mean for it to say that . I should have read , I love those so much. The ladies did such a wonderful job on them. ?

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