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Slovenia’s Marjana Cajhen shows how minimalist designs that aren’t technique-driven can delight us with openness and wearability. Thin graduated flat squares of polymer veneer are stacked on each other separated by tiny spacers.

If Marjana’s sensibilities mesh with yours, look at more of her work on Pinterest, FB, and her blog.

PCD is closing in on 3,000 posts and 300 weekly weekend StudioMojos. That shocking number paralyzed me temporarily on Friday and I took the day off to recover.This link from Lindly Haunani jarred me back into action.

  • reply marjana cajhen ,

    Thanks for posting … I’m flattered. necklace this time is not made from polymer clay, but is made of cork.

    • reply Wendy Moore ,

      Cynthia, thank you for every single one of these 30,000 posts. You delight, inspire, challenge, encourage, surprise and we are very grateful! And what an amazing way to use cork Marjana! Wonderful!

      • reply Patrice ,

        Cynthia! Thank you for all your posts! It takes dedication and perseverance to be so consistent and give us all beautiful things to inspire! You are awesome!

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