Polymer paintbrush guy

Stroppel on PolymerClayDaily.com

Alice Stroppel’s Brush Man is part of a new series of Found Object Character classes at her Studio 215 in Florida. Repurposing objects is not new to Alice. Who can forget her Alice tea service?

Alice has been hosting more and more events in her facility. She credits finishing ideas learned in Doreen Kassel’s Pods and Flowers class at Studio 215 for enlivening her characters.

Looks like this might be Character Week on PCD. Don’t you have weeks when your eye gravitates to a style? See one and then see them everywhere? Why fight it? Is there a brush in your basement waiting to be rediscovered?

  • reply John Frame ,

    My hairstyle is coming back!

  • reply Aims ,

    Love love love Alice Stroppel! Have known her a long time and watching her grow from her downstairs kitchen to her shop is heartwarming! You rock Alice!!

  • reply Alice ,

    Thank you Cynthia for featuring Brushman today. You know I love to sculpt and I haven’t done enough in the last year, so here’s to a new leaf.

    • reply Kathy McCurry ,

      This is a delightful piece. Kudos to Alice for seeing something new in something ordinary and bringing it to life.

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