Lehmann on PolymerClayDaily.com

Yesterday we spiraled extrusions around an egg. Today we watch Germany’s Jana Lehmann (Feeliz) as she winds around the centers of her series of Spiral brooches.

Lehmann on PolymerClayDaily.com

The colors blend into each other as the layers build. White dots and black and white accents provide a diversion from the strong colors.

Jana’s debuted a series of graphic dolls that are also decorated with spirals made of subtly blended colors.

You can catch Jana on Facebook and Flickr. Don’t miss the pen/pendants before you go spinning off to your weekend.

And if you’d like an even closer look at what happened in polymer clay art this week, join us over at StudioMojo for the inside scoop in the weekend newsletter.

  • reply Carrie Harvey ,

    Jana has such a wonderful eye for colour. Glorious!

    • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

      Another Slap My Forehead Moment. Super. Great post.

      • reply Kathy McCurry ,

        There is so much wonderful energy happening with these. Love all of the textures and colors!

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