Simple geometry in polymer

Belliard on

Barcelona’s Florence Belliard (flo’touch) brings calm and sophisticated stripes to her Helios pendant. Randomly striped veneers in muted colors circle around the center of this cutout.

Florence samples all kinds of treatments and finishes on her Flickr pages. It’s when she tackles geometry that she hits a sweet spot. Her circles, stripes and squares have a harmony about them.

Go see for yourself on Flickr and Facebook.

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    Dear Cynthia..thank you so much for letting me enjoy PCD as a new subscriber. I’m based in Yorkshire,England, GB, & have been ‘claying’ quietly for about 10 yrs. I’m a retired artist/designer & i love the work i see of several clay artists in the U.S.A. & have many books on polymer clay, including ‘Global Perspectives!’ Thank you also for the free download of your e-book. I’m not too ‘savvy’ with the e-mails please bear with me, as my device refuses to open it!! I will also try to send some photo’s of my work, if i can figure out how to do it!!..I look forward to the next PCD..regards..vicki @ ragsngiz.

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