Balanced bowl and a TP trick

Baker on PolymerClayDaily

Boston’s Betsy Baker was pushing hard to get ready for the St. Paul ACC show last week. She gave herself a little diversion from jewelry production to make a series of ring bowls which share the same grunge-meets-elegant aesthetic. The copper colored lining on this one plays nicely against the concrete-like exterior.

If you look at Betsy’s Instagram, you can see how she loads her post earrings into the oven. Wouldn’t you guess that those are toilet paper rolls that have been flattened and pierced with holes for the posts?

Her improvised holder allows her to fire the front of the earrings and hold them upright so that any back details are baked at the same time. When you’re preparing for shows, every time-saving trick helps.

  • reply Susna ,

    Very talented. I love your pieces. ?

    • reply Bettina Welker ,

      😉 I do the same thing with earrings – but I use the core from kitchen towels as they’re are a bit longer. They also hold a curved shape nicely while baking and if the post is already attached.
      Way to go Betsy – love the bowl!

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