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You know how it goes. You learn something new that rearranges your brain and suddenly you see it everywhere. My eyes glom onto surface designs. Paints, pastels, powders and anything applied to the surface of polymer are the only techniques that register after a class with Claire Maunsell.

Which brings us to France’s Sonya Girodon’s latest batch of pendants. Are those embossing powders? How is the color applied?

What an art it is to make the colors erupt across the shield-shaped surface. Then she reins the color in on the top square. Simple but complex. Easy but hard.

Polymer taunts us with its low bar to entry and its high bar for mastery. See several more examples of Sonya’s latest mastery on Facebook and Flickr.

  • reply Luann Udell ,

    Such a timely (and fabulous!) post today. I’ve been doing more work with neutrals the past year, and Sonya’s work just blew my socks off. Absolutely gorgeous work–organic, primal, and modern.

    • reply Sonya Girodon ,

      Thanks so much for your comment, Luann! Just to let you know: I’ve always admired your work too…..!

  • reply Sonya Girodon ,

    Thank you, dear Cynthia, for today’s feature. It is always an honour to be on Polymer Clay Daily! Hugs from France! Sonya.

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