The easy/hard parts

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Today our eyes gravitate to surface designs from UK’s Veronika Sturdy who claims to have a new addiction to silkscreens and imitative wood looks. She’ll be teaching her methods May 20 in a class in Czech Republic.

Silkscreens are another easy/hard part of polymer art. While silkscreens can feature delicate lines and magnificent patterns, the trick is to fiddle with the designs to make them yours – or to make your own patterns, of course.

Here Veronika combines wood textures with distressed patterns enhanced with luscious mottled colors. Look at them large on Flickr to appreciate the details. Then hop over to Pinterest to get the full behind-the-scenes treatment.

  • reply Carol Blackburn ,

    Well done, Veronika. Good to see you featured on PCD. Enjoy your stardom!

    • reply Debbie Goodrow ,

      These are lovely and serene. The not perfect shapes compliment the subtle colors perfectly.

      • reply Veronika ,

        Thank you Carol! It is an honour and im enjoying it haha :))
        Thanks a lot Debbie :*

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