Kassel's limp and lovely leaves on PolymerClayDaily.com

Sure, you may have been impressed by the cheeky, funny characters that Doreen Gay Kassel has been creating for her Synergy4 presentation with Donna Greenberg (Translating Your Environment into Your Inspiration). Doreen’s characters are funny and engaging and quite complex.

Then she wows us with casual, offhand leaves that look as if they floated to the ground, ready to be raked. Their torn edges and folds show off lovely layers of colors with dots hidden in the recesses.

If you’ve worked with polymer for long you know what a trick it is to make our medium look easy, unforced and really organic. How does she do that? Will she and Donna reveal all at Synergy? You may enjoy some of her inspirations on Pinterest.

  • reply Linda Lapery-Criscuolo ,

    These leaves are magnificent…..they’re so natural with a beautiful twist. I find them peaceful. Love ’em!

    • reply Barbara Briggs ,

      These leaves are lovely! Wish I could attend Synergy! Wish it were held in the Midwest…Chicago? Milwaukee?

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